Some high IQ societies who accept my tests for admission
Brain High IQ Society                    www.brainhighiqsociety.org/
GOTHIQ - Got High IQ                     www.gothiq.org/
T.H.I.S   The High Intellect Society            www.this-highiqsociety.org/
4G - Global Genius Generation Group           www.4g-highiqsociety.org/
Odysseus4Gifted                                 www.odysseus4gifted.de     
Genius High IQ Network     http://www.geniushighiqnetwork.org/
Gifted High IQ Network         http://www.giftedhighiqnetwork.org/
WGD - The World Genius Directory      http://psiq.org/  
The Modern Genius Society    http://www.cprobusinessva.wix.com/themgs
S.I.Q.S    www.siqs.org/




Dear friends
I will cease to correct responses temporarily submitted to my tests.
The scoring will be resumed later this year